Hospitality Management

Aegean Luxury is a professional Hospitality Management and Investment Company with a commitment to excellence that operates and develops luxury properties throughout Greece and Cyprus.

Aegean Luxury team aim is to consistently deliver results for private equity funds, real estate investors, and to create and manage upscale property investments nationwide.

With a proven track record of luxury services Aegean Luxury delivers operational excellence and superior customer service.

With extensive knowledge of the tourism market management, and thanks to years’ experience in villa management, our team can gain and achieve the most in guest luxury services.

Through an agreement with Aegean Luxury, can ensure a realistic yield for owners that wish their property to be converted to an income-generating investment. 

In case you are a villa or apartment owner, our team of Hospitality Management guarantees an annual return between 10-12% by inserting the property into the short rental market, thanks to our outstanding experience in property and hospitality managing. 

We achieve this on account of our affiliated website and our global network and partners in the luxury industry worldwide.

Aegean Luxury strives to optimize homebuyers’ and investors’ time and help them save money.

This, combined with our careful handling of situations to the last demanding detail, will ensure the property an income that will exceed any financial expectations. 

Our aims are genuine and always place the client’s satisfaction above all.

Our portfolio includes over 600 villas and apartments and more than 2,400 rooms in the top luxury travel market.

We develop, reposition, renovate and operate villas in the most attractive destinations, and by providing luxury services on the site,

we allow our villas to generate more revenue year after year.

Our portfolio includes properties in destinations such as:

Mykonos- over 250 properties online and offline

Santorini- over 50 properties online and offline

Crete-over 50 properties online and offline

Halkidiki-over 50 properties online and offline

Ionian Sea – over 50 properties online and offline

Cyprus – over 50 properties online and offline

And many more properties in more destinations in Greece and Cyprus.

Services for Hospitality Professionals

Aegean Luxury offers a wide range of services for hospitality professionals that need assistance with property development and operation.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Hotel - Villa


Legal Support

Sales and Marketing

New Development & Construction

Human Resources

Centralized Services

Luxury on site services

Villa-Maintenance Management:

Architectural review and control

Physical plant maintenance

Utility audits

Sub-contractor management

Security, cleaning services,

Concierge services management

Grounds and landscaping management