About Us

Mykonos is renowned as a cosmopolitan and top-class destination worldwide.

Aegean Luxury is a tailor-made Hospitality Management & Concierge Services company.

Our firm offers an unprecedented range of services and wide variety of complimentary

concierge services for the most discerning spirits and the most demanding guests.

With the current economic condition in Greece, the real estate sector has become an outstanding 

market of opportunities, while Mykonos island has become the hottest holiday destination worldwide.

After the crisis of 2018, Aegean Luxury has studied the investment opportunities in Greece as well

as the impact of real estate on the tourism market.

Aegean Luxury offers hospitality services for home-buyers or investors, who want to profit in a

big way, by buying and renting out an apartment in Athens, a villa in Mykonos or in one of our other GREEK Islands.

Our aim is to help home owners save time and money and to simultaneously free them of tons of

stress and handle all unexpected situations on property management during the period of our


Aegean Luxury experts have the key to create an exclusive Mykonos experience to the last fine detail

by exceeding any expectation.

Aegean Luxury guarantees to provide the greatest possible income for the property.

HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT services include but are not limited to:

  • The Insertion of properties into the tourism market through our affiliated websites and international network
  • House maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Pool cleaning
  • Building and repair works
  • Payment of utilities and bills during our agreement
  • House inspection visits daily
  • Property Insurance


Our professionally experienced staff delivers concierge services without the limitation of just 

welcoming you home; it works to satisfy your daily needs during your stay in the most efficient and

sophisticated way for an elegant lifestyle and unlimited luxury.

Our personnel’s aim is to provide the best solutions to any given request according to your desires,

needs and lifestyle standards and to ensure a fully convenient stay for all guests while optimizing

their time.

Our white-glove services take care of every demanding detail, bringing genuine personality to your


Complimentary Services

•          24-hour services on call

•          Pick-up and delivery services for laundry and dry cleaning

•          Delivery services, including groceries 

•          Newspaper delivery to doorstep

•          Entertainment & Leisure

 Additional Charge Services

•          Catering services and event planning for private meetings, events 

•          Laundry and dry cleaning

•          Emergency Services

•          Other errands

Take advantage of our tailor-maid concierge services. Relax and give us the pleasure to share the meaning of Greek hospitality with you.

Aegean Luxury guarantees:

  • to transform your moments into an exquisite experience
  • to optimize your time
  • to exceed your expectations offering the best of Greek and Cypriot hospitality

In 2018, Aegean Luxury established a hospitality management company in Cyprus to provide the highest services for landlords and/or guests.