Property Management

If you are a property owner or just rented a home in Mykonos, Greece or Cyprus and you need a property manager to deal with home repairs, home improvement, cleaning, gardening and pool maintenance we can guarantee the most professional services.

With almost 15 years of experience in luxury Hospitality Industry, Aegean Luxury has skilled workers and partners for your property maintenance, who can act on your behalf 24/7.

Where often, due to language and cultural differences, matters can often seem very complicated we can take away any issue and worries along with the bureaucratic problems involved in setting up home and living in a foreign country.

You will need to know that your bills are paid in your absence.

We can arrange for your telephone, electric and water bills to be paid on your behalf.

Bad weather can also bring problems and again, we can regularly check on your property to ensure that no damage has been caused. If there is, we will immediately endeavor to contact you and arrange to any repairs to be made.

Property owners in Greece or  Cyprus must complete a Tax Declaration form following the year of purchase and in certain cases, every year. We can advise you and direct you to an Accountant who can complete your tax declaration form and ensure you are not liable for income tax if you are not working and earning an income in Greece or in Cyprus.

Our services also include but are not limited to:

House maintenance


Pool cleaning

Building and repair works

Payment of utilities and bills

House inspection visits

Property rental services

Property Insurance

We can also recommend plumbers, electricians, solar power panel suppliers etc. and contact these on your behalf, arrange the necessary appointments and if required, be on hand to ensure work is carried out correctly and smoothly.